Independent Games Festival Nuovo award finalist Loop Raccord is out on the iPad now, and it's not receiving nearly enough attention -- likely because it's hard to communicate exactly what it is. Developer Nicolai Troshinsky (UFO on Tape) says it's a game that uses "cinematographic language and video editing logic as gameplay".

Essentially, the experimental game has you synchronizing and editing a chain of clips to create a "crucial but widely unknown cinema effect", the illusion of continuity. Loop Raccord meant to introduce "a unique and original way to interact witht he film medium", and features video clips from old TV shows found on

Troshinsky worked with Staring Goat Games to port the indie Windows title to iPad, and has added new modes (includes Classic, Two-player, and Neverending), leaderboards and achievements, replays for completed chains, and updated user interface and gameplay elements -- all for just $2.99 on the App Store.

If you're in Paris, you can actually check it out at the recently opened experimental video games exhibit at digital art museum La Gaîté Lyrique, which is curated by the Kokoromi and Tag collectives. You can also still try out the Windows prototype, which is still available to download for free from Troshinsky's website.