Level-5 Vision 2011, this year's edition of their annual press event recently wrapped up and a number of games were announced. We've already mentioned Guild 01, which was officially unveiled, but two other highlights are also worth touching upon.

The first is Layton Brothers: Mystery Room, the firm's first iOS title. It's actually a retooled version of a previously announced DS title from Level-5 Vision 2009, originally just called Mystery Room.

Since then, the game's leads have been recast to now include Professor Layton's son Alphendi and his partner Lucy Creila, who instead of being a plucky young lad, is a rather cute and stylish lady fellow.

And the second is yet another franchise that was designed to be adapted into game, anime, and manga form, right from the get-go. Much like Gundam AGE, which Level-5 is also involved in.

Not much is know yet of Youkai Watch, aside from the premise, along with its cute factor; I especially love how there's a ghost of an old lady dangling on the face of the girl that's presumably your love interest.

The trailer, which contains gameplay footage from an unspecified platform, can be seen after the cut. Along with another trailer, featuring all the men involved in Guild 01, discussing their games.

[via Siliconera, Tiny Cartidge, & Andriasang]