Bullies got you down? Tired of being accosted by roving gangs of street punks? Do you plan to visit Metro City at any point in the future? While law enforcement, school officials, and Mayor Mike Haggar may have failed you, Ubisoft's got your back. This fall, your Xbox 360 will teach you how not to be murdered with the upcoming release of the Kinect-powered exercise title Self-Defense Training Camp.

In addition to a variety of cardio and fitness routines, Self-Defense Training Camp (to be released in Europe as My Coach: Self Defence) includes lessons designed to teach players how to fend off attackers. If the thought of physical confrontation proves overwhelming, you can also cool down with a number of meditative exercises.

Self-Defense Training Camp will be released exclusively for the Xbox 360 in North America on November 8th. Ubisoft has issued no word regarding whether Sifu Och's car self-defense course will be available as paid DLC.