Aside from pointing out the obvious, there's really no other way to describe Kusarine Project: they're an ensemble or troop of some kind that reenacts various artifacts from Japanese pop culture, and in the flesh. All while wearing a variety of creepy masks plus hardly anything else.

The clip above does an impeccable job of illustrating the evolution of the Pokemon series. Things kick off with the openings to Red, Yellow, Silver, and Crystal, followed by a battle scene featuring assorted Pocket Monsters from those games. But then things are turned up a notch for Pokemon White.

The clip also reminds us that, while much of Japan is no longer a mystery, a few aspects will remain as elusive as ever. Be sure to check their YouTube page for more of their magic. And after the cut is another game related piece from them, having to do with Metal Gear Solid. I think?

[via GoNintendo]