Fans of Kristen Schaal rejoice! In addition to a brand new spot featuring gaming's best but unfortunately least recognized spokesperson going today (to watch repeatedly like her first batch of Xperia PLAY ads), there's now a chance to actually meet her as well.

It's a contest that's being built around Minecraft: Pocket Edition, which we've also mentioned a few times already. Basically, all you need to do is create a palace or shrine in Ms. Schaal's honor and feature it in a video on Facebook.

The best of the best will then be flown to New York, to demo the custom creation for Schaal in person. The deadline is exactly a month from today, the 7th of November. For info, simply head towards the contest's Facebook page.

Theoretically, anyone with access to Minecraft can enter, though utilizing the Pocket Edition certainly couldn't hurt one's chances. It's only $50 with a new two year contract with either AT&T or Verizon.

And at least there's finally something else to play on it, besides Crash Bandicoot. Or, you could just wait for the eventual iOS version, like the rest of us. Your choice.