There are some who enjoy iOS games despite being less than thrilled with the touchscreen interface, especially if virtual d-pads and buttons are involved. Whereas others do not particularly mind.

Joypad is perfect for those in the latter category, especially those who also wish to enjoy games on a Mac or PC, but somehow prefer the feel of glass as opposed to actual inputs. Or perhaps they're just too cheap to be bothered with a USB device.

It basically turns your iPhone into a controller via Bluetooth. Joypad was mostly created for emulators, but a few original titles support it as well. Just tested it with Super Crate Box, and everything worked flawlessly.

Though you could count me in as one who also hates virtual buttons and couldn't see the benefit of using my phone over a keyboard. But to each their own.

The Joypad SDK was also recently released, to allow support in other iOS titles. That actually makes more sense; one can now play iPad games without fingers getting in the way. Furthermore, some iCade titles are also compatible.

To see what games work, as well as to download both client and the app itself simply head on over to the homepage. Both are free, but you'll have to make in-app purchases if you feel like skinning your Joypad, to make it look like a real deal NES controller.

[via MacNN]