Former Sega Technical Institute employee Peter Morawiec shares this rare footage of an early proof-of-concept demo for the 1995 Sega Genesis title Comix Zone, as archived by Genesis fansite Sega-16.

Many of the concepts featured in the demo found their way into the final game, though the character design saw a drastic shift during development. "Joe Pencil" eventually became "Sketch Turner," and the enemies and backgrounds seen here were scrapped in favor of grittier designs.

I thought Comix Zone was an interesting experiment for its time, despite its high level of difficulty and obtuse puzzle solutions. It's interesting to see that the worst part of the game -- losing health when punching inanimate objects -- survived from proof-of-concept to the final version. Considering that you need to punch a lot of things to progress through the levels, it makes the game way more frustrating than it should've been.