As you might have heard, Adrenaline Amusements is bringing Epic/Chair' iOS hit Infinity Blade to its TouchFX arcade setup, the same platform that's adapted popular mobile titles like Fruit Ninja and Flight Control for a big-screen, coin-op experience.

Infinity Blade FX has been in development for a year, and it mades its public debut at Sandy, UT's GEEX show last week -- where Arcade Heroes shot footage of the game on the 46-inch touchscreen and posted it online.

As you can see, the arcade version works like the iOS game, having you time your taps and swipes across the screen to block or hit enemies. As you play through a series of rounds again bosses, you can earn tickets to trade in at your game center.

These Infinity Blade FX mchines should start rolling out to Dave & Busters locations starting October  28. Or you can buy and play the real thing right now on your 3GS or newer iOS device for $5.99.