San Diego-based Wavves, which Wikipedia tells me is a fairly popular "surf pop/noise punk band", revealed that it's working on a retro-styled game paying homage to old 1980s consoles, and showed this initially psychedelic screenshot for the early-in-development project.

Frontman Nathan Williams described the title to Pitchfork:

"All I can say for now is we are in the early stages of building levels and characters. The premise is sort of a nightmare and the majority of the game will play like [the 1984 Atari game] Paperboy on acid or early Simpsons NES titles... and remember in the original Paperboy you get chased by zombies, tornadoes, and death, so this shit gets pretty wild."

He didn't mention if the group is partnering with an indie developer on the game, but Williams said that they're friends at fashion line Mishka are contributing to the project in some fashion. Presumably, the eventual game will feature tunes from Wavves.

You can see the band latest music video for its single "Bug" from its Life Sux EP after the break: