For those of you without the room or funds (or an empathetic spouse) to bring an arcade or pinball machine into your home, don't forget that you could always fit a non-working game center (cuts down on electricity costs and maintenance) into your desk drawer with these miniature setups by Justin Whitlock.

His latest creation -- part of his upcoming "Wave 10" set that also includes Space Invaders, Rush'n Attack, Tron, and Frogger -- is this accurate, mini version of Williams' Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure, shown here with a G.I. Joe action figure for scale. Either that, or he's just hanging out at the Cobra rec room.

Whitlock is all about the details, which you can see in the photos below with all the pieces in the table, the red display, the caution label in the back of the machine, and even the Viper Vicky pin-up poster in the background. You can buy the Indiana Jones mini-pinball table, minus the figure, for $35.