Artist Nova Jiang's Ideogenetic Machine is an interactive installation that produces an algorithmically generated comic book via the Kinect.

It takes pictures of visitors, which are then processed by Jiang's custom built software; the photographs are combined with a database of drawings that Jiang has also produced.

Jiang's application uses both elements to produce speculative narratives that are based upon current events. The layout is also dynamically assembled; the configuration of images and associated narratives are never repeated, or so it is promised.

Furthermore, the program adds blank speech bubbles throughout; participants are encouraged to download the comic as a PDF afterward and add their own dialogue.

The opening reception for Ideogenetic Machine is actually happening this very second at Eyebeam in New York City. Not only will visitors be able to print their comics on-site, but Jiang herself will be helping everyone put them together. Otherwise, the installation will be viewable until October 11.