Here's a news item from a little while ago that many might have missed. Mostly due to the fact that Andriasang was the only other (English) outlet to make mention of it, and during a time in which their RSS feed was acting all funky. Anyhow...

This past May, an 8-year-old boy had his portable console stolen during a trip to the supermarket, along with the game that was contained within. The exact system has yet to be identified, but it's a safe bet that it's a DS of some kind.

His dad ended up purchasing a replacement copy of the title at a used game shop not too far away from the supermarket. Needless to say, both father and son were shocked to discover his stolen saved data contained within.

Authorities were able to trace the traded in goods to Hiroyuki Kaneda, a 50-year-old resident of Kyoto, who was recently arrested on suspicion of theft. So basically, a happy ending and justice has been served!

I personally love police blotter-type stories, when they pertain to gaming of course. And especially when they're from Japan; very few make it out here, but when they do, they're always amusing.

My personal favorite was reported by our very own Kevin Gifford, on his old website, Video Fenky. It was about how a guy and girl met via Final Fantasy XI, the first online flavor of the game, as some might know already.

At one point, the dude convinced the girl to come on over and play her character on his console. But they eventually had a falling out. Soon he began assuming her persona in-game, because she had left her account info on his PS2. Which led to a call to the police, who responded to the accusation of identity theft.

But when they discovered the circumstances, the cops left the scene. Furthermore, when she attempted to appeal to the moderators within FF XI, they said their hands were tied. She had filling put her account info on the guy's machine willingly, after-all.

Frustrated, the girl began telling her story in-game, effectively mounting a smear campaign in the process, to let everyone in Vana'diel know what a jerk he was. Though I he may have been ruining her good reputation up till that point as well, so she was simply responding.

It's been a while, so I might have some of the finer details wrong; hopefully Kevin might be able to shed some light on the actual chain of events.