Getting people to buy WiiWare games seems like an impossible task these days, but I'm glad developers like Sabarasa aren't letting the platorm's troubles get to them and are releasing interesting games still, like this Sin & Punishment-esque on-rails shooter, Horizon Riders, which releases today.

Yes, Treasure and Nintendo already released Sin & Punishment: Star Successor on Wii last year, which was already crazy polished and fun, but this one's still interesting for a few reasons:

- It supports the Wii Balance Board, which acts as "a futuristic hover-board" in the game

- It's only $8 (or 800 Nintendo Points), which is still cheaper than whatever reduced pricing you'll find for Star Successor

- There's a free demo for it

So, yeah, here's an opportunity for you to "dust off" not only your neglected Wii (as hardcore gamers like to say) but also that Balance Board that hasn't gotten any play ever since you gave up on Wii Fit, when you admitted you didn't have the discipline for it and would never lose those extra pounds. :o(