Independent filmmaker James Rolfe has been making shorts for a good while now, with his most famous creation being The Angry Video Game Nerd. For years he's openly talked about the idea of creating a feature length film, one starring his Nerd character. Well, it's finally happening.

Rolfe has turned towards IndieGoGo to help finance the project. At the moment, a little less than $13,000 of the $75,000 goal has been reached. Incentives include everything from an autographed photo of the Nerd to an actual part in the movie.

As for what it'll be about, Rolfe is aiming for something a tad bit more ambitious than usual. He mentions something along the lines of the ROB the Robot episode, which was heavy on narrative. Though according to his homepage's FAQ, it would seem that a game review will still be at the heart of it all. The much requested E.T. for the 2600 to be exact.

Since I was one of those Mystery Science Theater 3000 fans that was happy with the long-awaited big screen debut being just another installment of Mike and the bot goofing on a movie, instead of some wacky retelling of the show's premise, I for one am happy to hear that last bit of info.

[via GoNintendo]