Import specialist NCSX confused me with its description of some newly announced (and super-adorable) Taiko no Tatsujin plush dolls early yesterday morning. While I initially thought that these soft creatures were hats (based on a quick glance at the accompanying descriptive text), NCSX was merely lamenting the rarity of actual Taiko hats, which haven't been available for purchase in six years or so.

Before wiping the sleep dirt from my eyes, I encountered another ultra-cute and hat-like product that recently opened for preorders -- Banpresto's I Love Pikachu Dekai Fuwafuwa Nesoberi Plush doll. "How adorable!" I thought, briefly entertaining the idea of a sleepy Pikachu resting atop my head. One cup of coffee later, I discovered that these Pikachus were also not hats.

This ends my incredibly interesting story about the time that I thought some things were hats when, in fact, they were not hats. Hey, I never said that all of my anecdotes were winners. Multiple varieties of Banpresto's Taiko and Pikachu plushes will begin shipping in February, 2012.