When I first heard of Guild 01, I immediately thought of the movie Four Rooms, which Kotaku also referenced when describing Level-5's latest. It brings together four distinct personalities, each producing their own game, to be contained within a single title.

The all-star line-up of talent includes Yasumi Matsuno, best known for Tactics Ogre and Vagrant Story, and who recently became a Level-5 employee. His game, Crimson Shroud, is a RPG about a world without magic initially, but which eventually becomes commonplace. It's also by far the most conventional sounding of the bunch.

Next is Goichi Suda, best known for Killer 7 and No More Heroes, with Kaiho Shojo. You assume the role of a Japanese schoolgirl who becomes the president and must pilot an 11-meter tall mecha, to wage war against giant beasts. Very Suda 51 sounding. There will also be animated cutscenes by Bones, the studio behind Soul Eater, Heroman, and various other noteworthy anime.

Third up is Yoot Saito, best known for Seaman or Odama, with Air Porter. In his game, you're a baggage handler at an airport. Which apparently is the underlying key to its overall success; baggage checked in a timely manner will maintain consistent flight schedules and increased passenger satisfaction, which results in better business and opportunities to expand.

Yet Rental Bukiya de Omasse sounds the most interesting of the bunch, despite its designer, Yoshiyuki Hirai, having no actual game making experience. He's primarily known for being one half of America Zarigani, a Japanese comedy team.

Hirai's game is about a weapon shop maintained by father and son, who sell their creations to adventures. As Tiny Cartridge points out, seems reminiscent of Iron Master: Legendary Blacksmith, plus it also seems like the set-up for some comedic sketch.

All four games will be on a single 3DS game card, sometime next year in Japan.