Perhaps I've mentioned it already, but aside from video games (and cable access), pro wrestling is my greatest passion. Been a fan for many years, especially the stuff from south of the border.

So I've taken the sudden surge in popularity that lucha libre is enjoying with a grain of salt. Mostly due to fears that it'll be just as played out as pirates and zombies one day. Still, Guacamelee, the latest from Drinkbox Studios, makers of the Tales Of Space games, is impossible to resist.

Their latest is essentially a Metroidvania-type platformer, coupled with a switching between worlds mechanic. It appears that your character is able to move between the land of the living and the dead. Those also interested in Día de los Muertos, aka Mexico's celebration of the afterlife, should also take a look.

The multiplayer is simply an added bonus (and appears to be much more fun looking than Harmony of Despair, the only other game I can come up with as a comparison). Plus the whole thing simply looks gorgeous.

No release date or platform has been given, but given Drinkbox Studios' affinity for Sony hardware, I wouldn't be surprised if the Vita had yet another awesome addition in its catalogue.

[via Joystiq]