Collectors or enthusiasts of old gaming magazines, which I presume are a few of you given our lately dormant Game Mag Weaseling column, have a nice and cheap treat at the GameFan site: digital copies for the first two issues of cult publication DieHard GameFan, now on sale for $2 each!

Nearing 20 years old, these issues debuted "when 2D was king, mascots were all the rage, and the console bubble was far from bursting". It was an era of "excitement, pixels, and a fledgling video game industry ... "before the browns and grays of the unfortunately monochrome pallets of modern games".

You can grab those two issues -- which come complete with coverage of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Hyperstone Heist, Time Gal, and SNK’s Neo-Geo Gold system -- as well as print/digital copies of latest incarnation of David Halverson's GameFan Magazine all at the circular's online shop.