Someone at Namco Bandai, or at least the advertising agency the publisher hired, is a genius. To promote the reelase of Go Vacation for Wii this week, the company put together this launch trailer with the perfect song, "Vacation" by '80s new wave group The Go-Gos.

It also helps that the game looks fantastic -- it's like Wii Sports Resort but with an open-world setting and 50 different vacation activities/minigames, including Wave Race-style jetskiing, We Ski-style skiing, Endless Ocean-style diving, and watergun fights (check the clip after the break!).

I just wish this had online support instead of local-only for some of the games, to accomodate us forever-alone types, but you know how the song goes:

All I ever wanted
Had to get away
Meant to be spent alone"

The only negative I can find in this trailer is that now I will be super disappointed if this song isn't in the actual game (it probably isn't).