Much like the SNES before it, the Nintendo 64 was lousy with mascot-based action games, though few were popular enough to warrant sequels. Interactive Studios' Glover, a 3D platformer starring an anthropomorphic glove, nearly saw an N64 follow-up, but the sequel was scrapped before its existence was widely announced.

Last year, NES World's Martin Nielsen purchased what he thought was a prototype version of the original game, which was marked as being a "very early" Glover build. The cartridge turned out to contain the world's only known copy of the unreleased Glover 2, which has been preserved and is now available for download.

Judging from the video above, Glover 2 is surprisingly rich on content, though the game lacks music and a title screen. Later levels are also largely incomplete, Nielsen notes. The prototype additionally features a debug mode, a selection of multiplayer stages, and even a hidden Space Invaders-inspired minigame. Not bad for an early build!

[via Retro Collect, @rdb_aaa]