We're at a point in which it's becoming increasingly difficult to find Famicom games that are both relatively unheard of and somewhat noteworthy. Yet The Gay Gamer has managed to accomplish just that.

Finding information on Flying Heros anywhere is rather difficult, mostly due to the fact that it share the same name with a Super Famicom shmup that's almost as obscure, but not quite.

I love how the cutesy graphics and catchy music are used to illustrate a situation that's, in reality, extremely dire and often times horrific. Because those pixelated people that you're trying to reach by playfully bouncing around are actually screaming for their very lives.

More than likely, they're completely overtaken by histrionics; they too have heard that being burnt alive is one of the worst ways to go. Some are so desperate for salvation that they throw large sums of money to the firemen below, anything to get their attention and be saved.

Never mind how some of these places ablaze might also be one of their lifetime investments. Pretty depressing, huh? Is it any wonder why there's so few games related to firefighting?

I can only think of The Firemen, also for the SuperFami, Burning Rangers for the Sega Saturn, that one arcade game that Sega also made, and of course, Duelin' Firemen for the 3DO.