It's been nearly half a year since we first glimpsed Gun-Lord, the latest from German indie NG:Dev Team (Fast Striker, Last Hope), but with the game coming out in just two months for NeoGeo MVS arcade setups -- releases for AES systems and Dreamcasts slated for 2012 -- we finally have a look of the game in motion.

It's described as a "Eurostyle Platformer", which means it takes a lot of inspiration from the Turrican series, from the morph ball function to many of the weapons you can pick up (seven types). Even the way your character holds his gun while simultaneously running and firing looks straight from Turrican.

Not that that's a problem! There are plenty of people who want to play a new 2D run 'n gun, and this one offers 9 stages, 16-bit hand-drawn grpahics, more than 45 enemy types, online rankings via code, huge bosses (check out that weird green cyborgish thing around the 7:30 mark in the trailer), and 60 FPS gameplay.

You can preorder Gun-Lord now in various bundles for your system of choice here.