It seems like every few weeks there's a new documentary about indie games, the fighting game community, or some other aspect of this interactive hobby -- it can be hard to keep track of all the movies that are in production or that have been released over the years.

PixelProspector has made it easy for you to see what's being/been made, and to even track down films that you never knew about even though they cater to your interests, by recently collecting and posting "The Big List of Video Game Documentaries".

It's got major films we've already covered a bunch of times like Indie Game: The Movie, The King of Kong, and Reformat The Planet, as well as films you might know about, like documentaries on Trip Hawkins, Volition, and Berlin's Computerspielemuseum.

The list is broken up into various categories: history, systems, games, genres, peoples, and companies. If you've got nothing else going for you this weekend, why not spend it going through this list and watch documentaries all about platformers or shoot'em ups?