Some game concepts, when you read them on paper, sound mildly interesting. Yet there may not be enough to light one's imagination on fire.

Dustforce, in which you control a group of individuals who combat leaves and other forms of rubbish via brooms, vacuums, and similar cleaning tools, might qualify as an example.

But sometimes that same ho-hum premise ends up looking mighty appetizing in motion. Especially when the game reminds one of Cave Story, Super Meat Boy, and Strider, to name a few.

Regular readers of GSW should be somewhat familiar with Dustforce already; it was last seen as a finalist in the 2010 IndiePub Independent Developers Competition. Which they won by the way!

No word yet on a final release date, other a vague "late 2011" timeframe. At least we know it's headed towards Steam. In the meanwhile, after the cut is some additional footage of the game in action, taken from a demo version.

[via Reddit]