In another dimension, UPL's 1985 arcade game Penguin-Kun Wars spawned an extremely popular franchise that saw numerous sequels, spinoffs, and clones. Our alternate-universe selves curse each other over Xbox Live Penguin-Kun Horde matches, and the latest series sequel launched with over $80 worth of optional downloadable content.

In our current dimension, Penguin-Kun Wars saw a Game Boy port and an MSX sequel, and didn't make another appearance until an iOS remake surfaced in 2009. And incredibly, it took 26 years for someone to finally make a clone.

DSiWare developer EnjoyUp Games' latest release, Bugs'N'Balls, features the same one-on-one, dodgeball-inspired gameplay as Penguin-Kun Wars, and includes multiple playable characters and unlockable minigames. At $1.99, it seems to be a decent enough value for what it is...even if the tagline "Be ready for the funny bug action," doesn't exactly inspire.