I watched through this "Character Trailer" for First Person Shooter after reading it's premise -- a documentary about U.S. Army recruitment centers using video games to sign up soldiers -- but the video games fade out of view after the first minute and a half.

It's compelling to watch anyway as it follows two young men "as they sign up and prepare for their call up date." They both have completely different histories and different reasons for joining, and there's a sense of sadness in them that keeps you absorbed.

Filmmaker Piers Sanderson says the film is intended to look at how "the United States Army has embraced technology at all stages of soldiering. The recruitment centers feature video game consoles, they interact with potential recruits on Facebook, and play [Americas Army] with future soldiers.

I'm unsure when we'll get to the full production, or if there's even a lot more footage that's been shot than we've already seen, but based on the little info I was able to find online, First Person Shooter was meant to wrap up development this year and received funding from Film Agency for Wales.