It was a year ago from yesterday in which the hopes and dreams of Mega Man fans were finally realized; at New York Comic 2010, series creator Keiji Inafune not only announced that Mega Man Legends 3 was finally a go, but how fans would be involved in the game-making process.

Since then, Inafune quit his job and his baby was cancelled. A grassroots movement sprung forth in response, but last we checked, the initiative that started out strong had begun to deflate.

So what better time and place than this weekend, at New York Comic Con 2011, to kick things into high gear? Key members of the movement will have a booth and are asking for all interested parties to come and join their ranks.

Yet plans are a bit vague. The video mentions a panel, but no room number is given, nor a time, and it's certainly not listed in the official schedule. Which means it might be happening at their booth, in the middle of the convention floor.

And considering how jam-packed things can get, they might find themselves causing of a serious crowd control problem. At least we have a booth number to remember, #2917, and the promise of "surprises" to be unveiled.

There's also the constant message to supporters to show restrain and respect. But if Capcom continues to ignore them, desperate measures might be necessary. Like taking a Phoenix Wright cosplayer hostage, for example (especially since plenty will be on hand at the show).

[via Rockman Corner]