Like last time, the footage above looks too slickly produced, too complex, and basically too perfect to be real. But instead of being the creation of someone who knows how to play around with sprites, it's indeed a real game.

Much progress has been made with Mari0 since we last checked, mostly the addition of elements from Portal 2 (whereas just having gameplay from part one was already more than enough for most).

Though it would seem that development is going far too sluggishly for Maurice Guégan and Sašo Smolej's tastes, aka the duo behind Mari0. Hence why they began posting a new screenshot a day not too long ago, as a form of motivation.

Also after the cut is footage of another curious retooling of a classic. Once more, Not Tetris 2 seems too good to be an actual, playable game, yet actually is.

[via GoNintendo]