Conker the squirrel had a pretty good life. He headlined a kid-friendly Game Boy Color game, raced go-karts with Diddy Kong, and was prepared to win the hearts of millions by starring in a saccharine mascot-based platformer for the Nintendo 64. Then he started drinking.

It's hard to believe that the happy-go-lucky squirrel from the unreleased Twelve Tales: Conker 64, seen above, eventually became the foul-mouthed star of Conker's Bad Fur Day, but that's what happened. Was it a change for the better? It depends on whether you prefer generic mascot cheerfulness or talking poop and Matrix parodies, I guess.

If your thirst for prototype Nintendo 64 games is still yet unquenched, 64scener also recently posted a preview video for Dinosaur Planet, a Rare-developed N64 title that was retooled and released for the GameCube as Starfox Adventures.

[via @frankcifaldi]