We've mentioned Peter Molydeux twice already, along with Cheats 2000. Are there any other game related Twitters that are similarly off the beaten path and worth following? Most definitely.

Classics Of Game is as mysterious as they come. Instead of a fairly straightforward overview of noteworthy/must play titles, most of which you've no doubt heard of already, COG's selection seems completely arbitrary and random.

Most are difficult to identify, even to the most seasoned player. Not helping is how there's zero context whatsoever; no title is given, let alone a description. Instead, all you get is a couple seconds of the game being played, poorly. Whether on purpose or not, who can say?

It's almost like that friend of yours, whom you hand the controller over to, but instead of giving it a serious go, he finds himself repeating a certain action that he finds funny, to the point of ad nausea, mostly because he also knows it'll get under your skin. But in YouTube format.

The Twitter account scores bonus points for having absolutely no degree of audience interaction. It's not even following anyone. As of this writing, there are only 242 followers, so it's the perfect time to get in on the ground floord, before Classics Of Game becomes the next hot thing!