I was worried that plans for a console version of Alientrap's Capsized was off the table, what with the game releasing on PC way back in April and little news coming out about a port, but apparently those fears were unfounded, as IndiePub just announced its bringing the hand-drawn 2D title to XBLA this December.

In case you've forgotten about the Metroidvania-style, Exile-esque exploration game, it takes place after your space ship crashes into an alien planet that you must navigate with your jetpack and grappling hook, exploring the world and saving your crewmates while fighting all sorts of strange creatures there.

The XBLA edition will feature the same physics-based combat, multiple modes (Campaign, Local Co-op, Death Match, Survival, Time Trials, and Armless Fighting), and 12+ non-linear levels, as well as new stages, enhanced graphics, XBLA achievements, and soon-to-be-released downloadable content

Alientrap's Lee Vermeulen says, "Players will benefit from the new version's refined action and increased focus on cooperative and multiplayer gameplay, while keeping the chaotic action and unique style of the PC version." Koolhaus Games is developing Capsized for XBLA, which will release for 800 MS Points.