On Friday, Hudson announced via Twitter that a brand new Bloody Roar was in production. They also asked followers to retweet the news, which many did; it was eventually picked up and rebroadcasted by numerous gaming new outlets. And earlier this morning the first image from the game was tweeted. That's when the ruse was officially revealed.

There actually is a legit Hudson Twitter account, but aside from one post made in Dec of 2010, there's been zero activity. Meanwhile, the fake account has been around since March, doing an impeccable job of posing as the real thing. Everything from alerting everyone of Hudson's presence at E3, retweeting reviews of recent releases, even playful Bomberman discussions.

Though Bloody Roar has been a constant topic, even since the very beginning. Was the seed for a joke planted all that time ago? The most recent tweet claims that whomever just wanted to show Konami that there's still fans of the franchise.

Yet another that Siliconera mentions, but which no longer exists, in which we are told how Bloody Roar can't stand toe to toe to against Street Fighter, Tekken, or Soul Calibur, points towards an entirely different sentiment.

Much like the most recent tweet from few hours ago, which claimed that everyone had been trolled by Juri Han, the female kickboxer from SF4, and which has also been deleted (I really wish I had taken a screencap). There's many ways to describe someone who decides to pull a prank of such magnitude on such a small fan base. None of them are the least bit favorable.