Dave Gilbert and his Blackwell Trilogy has been mentioned a few times already, so it perhaps makes sense to note that the aforementioned fourth installment, Blackwell Deception, is finally out.

It's also worth pointing out that, despite all the adventures that spirit medium Rosa Blackwell and her spirit guide Joey Mallone have had together, their latest outing is a standalone affair. So no prior knowledge is necessary to jump right in.

And despite the fact that it's here already, orders are still being accepted for the limited edition DVD, which contains all four games, developer commentary, an mp3 soundtrack, animated shorts, and much more. Though it's only being offered until this Sunday, the 16th, so snooze or lose.

Full disclosure: I first met Dave when I was teaching a game design class at the School of Visual Arts class in NYC. I'm proud to say that he's been by far the most successful student I've had, but I will also admit that I honestly didn't teach him all that much. He knew what he was doing already, and I may have suggested a useful point or two, at best.