The one single sound effect that best represents this current generation of gaming is finally available in an easy to use, and easy to abuse, format.

I speak of the Xbox 360's Achievement Unlocked chime, naturally. Major Nelson earlier today posted both an mp3 file and a version that's compatible with the iPhone as a ringtone.

Too bad the latter doesn't make much sense; hearing it whenever a text message pops up would be far more logical. Unfortunately, there's no way to change the default notification alert, unless one jail breaks their iOS device.

Still, there's countless handsets out there that can accommodate such a basic level of customization. I just hope it finally replaces the long reigning king of overused sound effects among video game dorks with cell phones.

Despite it being the year 2011, I'm fully expecting to hear the Metal Gear Solid enemy alert chime at least 500 times next weekend at the New York Comic Con. Which, unfortunately, was already pretty stale by 2006.