Jeez, Mario. As GamePro recently discovered, this is the image that greets anyone who visits Nintendo's rarely-updated anti-piracy site, which I'd imagine is a more effective deterrent than any copyright law will ever be.

I can just picture it: a lowly pirate, fresh off of downloading a torrent full of Nintendo DS ROMs, is escorted to a dimly-lit interrogation room in a secret underground facility. Mario enters, sporting his usual sunny demeanor. The pirate exhales a sigh of relief.

The smile melts from Mario's face as he flips over the table in the middle of the room, slaps the pirate to the ground, and glares at him with the accusing face you see above. The gloves come off. Mario's real voice -- a raspy baritone with a hint of a Boston accent -- demands, "Did you or did you not download my games from sweet-illegal-roms dot com?"

The pirate struggles to produce a denial, and that's when things take an unpleasant turn.

[via @kyleorl]