What happens when you take a Super FX enhanced game, in this case Star Fox, and speed things up so it's instead operating at Super FX 2 levels?

Basically a slightly faster experience, which lends itself to a smoother one as well, as Console Mods forumite Drakon discovered. Unfortunately, the folks over at NeoGAF, from which the demonstration above was found, were not too impressed.

I myself am especially annoyed by comments regarding the visuals not being up to snuff any longer. Personally, I think it still looks mighty fine. Yet it's hard to deny that it does move slightly better.

Plus as one person points out, Drakon's numbers are inaccurate; the Super FX 1 actually ran at 10.5 MHz, not 21.5, and the Super FX's speed was 21 MHz, not 27. Oh well.

Anyhow, one can view other comparison videos, along with another in which Star Fox was underclocked by accident, via Drakon's YouTube page.

But back to the NeoGAF thread; some folks wondered what Stunt Race FX would be like, with the same speed boost. Well, the following answers that question as well. Somewhat.

Unfortunately, because the speed was not increased to the same degree, the benefits are not nearly as pronounced. But even if it was running at 21 MHz, it still couldn't give Virtua Racing for the Genesis a run for its money.