The creation of Singapore-MIT Gambit Game Lab, the aim of A Closed World was to create a digital world that touched upon the hardships that members of the LGBTQ community frequently must deal with in the real one.

It's a portion of the gaming audience that is almost never addressed, for assorted reasons (lack of understanding and bigotry to name a few). But they also wanted to create something that contained compelling content, yet also didn't feel "tacked on" and pandering.

The end result definitely feels as if those goals were achieved. The game plays out like a JRPG of sorts; you assume the role of a villager who is made to feel like an outsider among familiars. And whose partner offers an alternative to such an oppressive, isolated existence.

The game has one roaming around a dark forest, facing demons both literally and figuratively. Gameplay is on the simple side, but its rock/paper/scissor mechanic works very well with the narrative and underlying message.

Which in this case is passion/ethics/logic; your opponent will say something rooted in one of the three mindsets, and it's your job to find the appropriate response.

A Closed World is definitely worth checking out, and can be easily done so via your browser. Simply follow this link.

[via Kotaku]