and Desura, the two entities behind the just-debuted Indie Royale game bundle series, are announcing a series of milestones around the first-ever bundle, as follows:

- The bundle of four worthy independent PC games - Extend Interactive's A.R.E.S. Extinction Agenda, Wadjet Eye Games' Gemini Rue, Coffee Stain Studios' Sanctum and Noumenon Games' Nimbus - has now surpassed 30,000 total sales in over 3 days -- with just under 2 days to go.

- Minecraft creator Notch has heeded the call of his fans and donated to 'Gold Star' level during the first couple of days of the bundle, topping the 'most paid' high score table, and kindly dropping the price $1 for everyone else along the way.

- The generosity of Gemini Rue publisher Wadjet Eye Games allowed keys for the just-launched Steam version of the futuristic adventure game - including Steam-exclusive achievements - to be added part way through the bundle. All four titles in the Launch Bundle now have redeemable Steam keys - as well as direct downloads and Desura keys where applicable.

- Thanks to Sanctum creator Coffee Stain Studios, organizers have made the Violator and Killing Floor DLC packs available for the addictive first-person tower defense title, after sales milestones were met. Individual Steam codes for these are now available on the Indie Royale bundle redeem page.

- Organizers are also planning to debut two further 'thank you' pieces of add-on bundled content, to be rolled out to all Indie Royale buyers before the end of the Launch Bundle. Watch the site's Twitter feed for more information on these extras as they appear.

The Indie Royale bundle series runs on a unique model where price will automatically increase as more people buy the bundle. Generous purchasers, however, can help lower the price for everyone else by choosing to pay more than the current minimum, earning a mention on the front page of the site in the process.

The Launch Bundle for Indie Royale now has just over one and a half days before it stops for ever, with plenty of price fluctuations and extras likely before it ends. Check it out now.