We've all wondered what modern day games would be like if they were redone for the Nintendo Entertainment System, often via fake box arts. And while 72 Pins doesn't answer that question, they at least give us something neat on the wall or a shelf to look at. As well as an entirely different mystery to ponder.

Their artists use old NES cartridges (sorry, "Game Paks") as their canvas, which are meant to be conversation pieces. But the original games themselves still work, and are chosen at random.

Basically, if you pick up Katamari Damacy, you might also get The Adventures Of Bayou Billy. Consider it additional, unintended subtext to the piece, or extra bang for your buck. Maybe both.

There's little doubt that some might erase the contents of the cart and add their own applicable homebrew or bootleg software. For the upcoming Sonic The Hedgehog cart, there's plenty of options to choose from already.

[via GamePro]