"My Mega Drive" is an ode to Sega's 16-Bitter, by French new wave/electronica/ghettotech artist 2080. Albotas's description got me super excited over the possibly of a chiptune tribute via the aforementioned hardware, since it's fairly uncommon (given how much Game Boys dominate the scene).

And maybe that's the case, but much of the audio that I've come to recognize from the system is somewhat lost in the overall mix. It's still a decent tune, nonetheless.

I also enjoyed the subtle nods to various Mega Drive/Genesis classics, though I'm mostly curious about the decision to most reference Beatmania, given the subject matter. Not complaining, just wondering (it's at least done so exceptionally well).

Even if the Yamaha YM2612 and Texas Instruments SN76489 chips are, once again, somewhat lost in the shuffle, 2080's affinity for gaming as a whole is unmissable. Another music video of his worth checking out, by the way, is Fatality, featuring French electronica/garage hip hop artist Les Gourmets.

But again, I'm really into chiptunes, especially if the Mega Drive/Genesis is involved. Hence why I'm such a big fan of little scale from Australia. The following pictures (displayed after the cut) that I spotted on Facebook last night got me so excited it's positively embarrassing.

No word yet regarding him and his Mega Drive symphony as it pertains to Blip Fest Australia. If he's not scheduled, it would pretty much be a crime.