Now that the main competition deadline for the 2012 IGF has finally passed, a number of entrants are sharing with the world what they submitted. Two standouts thus far has been courtesy of Konjak and Cactus.

But there are others who chose not to enter, because they felt their game wasn't polished or substantial enough, especially to warrant the entry fee. But what if they were all clumped together?

That's the philosophy behind the 2012 IGF Pirate Kart. The compilation includes over 300 games from over 100 developers. It is hoped that these misfit games might shine via strength in numbers.

The offerings come from a number of notable talents that should be recognizable to many, such as Adam Saltsman, Terry Cavanagh, and Petri Purho. And the games themselves should ring a bell as well, like Murder Dog IV.

Whereas others are unheard of, as are their creators. I personally an unfamiliar with Pizza Time, but with a name like that, I totally want to play his/her/their games!

Unfortunately their offerings and most everyone else's are PC only (due to technical issues, I'm unable to run Windows on my Mac at the moment). At least it didn't cost me a thing to download the massive 1.46 gigs worth of indie gaming goodness, which everyone should nab for themselves as well.