This fantastically rare poster depicting Capcom's short-lived North American mascot character Captain Commando recently sold for just $30. And you missed your chance to buy it. Alas, if only you'd known!

Not to be confused with the Captain Commando who would later star in a self-titled arcade brawler and in the Marvel vs. Capcom series, this particular Captain Commando was featured on the boxes and manuals of Capcom's earliest releases for the Nintendo Entertainment System, in an early, pre-Mega Man 2 attempt at establishing a brand identity stateside.

Unlike his superheroey successor, the original Captain Commando more closely resembles a space pirate in drawings, as you can seen in this early pack-in poster. I guess his real-life counterpart above is supposed to be in the Air Force, or something? Whatever he is, he has a blue space monkey for a pet, so I'm not going to argue with him.

Frank Cifaldi, who also missed out on the auction, notes that this particular poster was given away at trade shows in the late '80s, making it a rare find. Let me know if another one pops up, will you? It would look perfect tacked up on my bedroom door. You can see the full thing after the break below.