Niche-focused game publisher Xseed has secured the rights to release a localized version of Vanillaware's RPG Grand Knights History in North America for the PlayStation Portable.

Unlike Vanillaware's recent side-scrolling action games Odin Sphere and Muramasa: The Demon Blade, Grand Knights History is a turn-based console RPG with a focus on character customization. The game topped the Japanese cross-platform sales charts upon its debut earlier this month, and continues to rank as a strong seller at online retailer

The PSP, were it a living thing, would no doubt cherish Xseed's undying devotion during a time in which others have abandoned the platform; the company also plans to bring Team GrisGris' survival horror game Corpse Party to North America later this year. Fellow niche publisher Aksys also continues to support the platform with upcoming localizations for Hakuouki and Fate/Extra. Which publisher will win the PSP's heart in the end?!