Microsoft's infrequent Xbox Live Arcade sales usually aren't anything to get excited about -- I didn't buy Risk: Factions the first time it went on sale, and I wasn't interested the next five times it dropped in price -- but this week's "Extreme Shopping Sale" lineup is surprisingly robust, featuring a number of lesser-known greats alongside mainstream hits.

Along with big names like Shank, Trials HD, and Monday Night Combat, the sale also includes SNK Playmore's shoot-'em-up Trouble Witches Neo, Strider director Kouichi Yotsui's side-scrolling brawler Moon Diver, and the well-received Ikaruga-ish platformer Outland. Multiplayer gaming hub Co-Optimus notes that the majority of this week's sale-priced games also feature cooperative gameplay modes, making them worthwhile buys if you have some co-op buddies around.

The sale prices will remain in effect over the next week. Cheap Ass Gamer provides this list of all price-dropped content, and notes that an additional one-day sale is planned for September 30th, though featured titles have not yet been announced.