Brandon Boyer's Kickstarter for Offworld 2.0, aka Venus Patrol, reached its $50,000 goal in less than 24 hours. And with a week left to go, there was little doubt that it will reach 200% when all is said and done. And that was before the update he just posted a little over an hour ago.

To help sweeten the deal, but mostly as a thank you to everyone that's donated thus far, two additional gifts have been added to the already epic assemblage of promised goods. The first is for those who pledged $25 or higher, a Fez soundtrack EP by Rich "Disasterpeace" Vreeland.

Boyer states: "With hints of Boards of Canada's beautifully tape-looped & corrupted soundscapes and even a bit of epic, sweeping Vangelis (!), this is definitely going to be your new favorite game soundtrack of 2011."

And in response to calls for official Venus Patrol apparel, those who donated at the $75 or higher will receive just that. It's designed by Mikko Walamies, the artist & graphic designer behind the iPhone hit Rolando, which Boyer was a huge advocate for back in the day.

Boyer also explains: "[it's] a T-shirt for a videogame website that's actually, like, sort of sexy -- a scene that conjures the kind of mystery, wonder and beauty I'd like to see more of in games themselves, rather than relying on the usual 8-bit/nostalgic game-shirt tropes."

Future updates and even more surprises have been promised. A closer look at both can be seen via the Kickstarter update page and after the cut.