Advice for publishers looking to sell their wares: instead of spending a fortune on some Michael Bay-like production that will be forgotten in 15 minutes, or an ARG that becomes tiresome in even less time, why not hire some dudes from Cali that make wacky YouTube videos? AKA the stuff gamers actually pay attention to.

After years of producing clips for trade events, such as GDC and E3, plus paling around with industry bigwigs like Gabe Newell and Hideo Kojima, and at times helping to promote their various ventures, Mega64 have become full on salesmen. Thus far, it's been going quite splendidly, as above demonstrates.

The Rise of Nightmare ads have actually been okay (I personally dig the zombie spokesperson spot), though having Mega64 give the title that extra bit of credibility has the potential to produce true dividends.

Previous to Sega's title, Mega64 recently produced an ad for Rusty Hearts, seen after the cut. A game that, quite honestly, I cared little for, let alone knew about, until they entered the picture. Thus the power of effective advertising.