Since the chances of Nintendo porting any of its beloved franchises to a rival platform like iOS are next to nil, the closest thing you can get to playing Nintendo-style games is downloading homages and knock-offs from other developers.

Like Zanda - Linked Swords, for example, which resembles a certain green-capped adventurer more than just a little. The goal of this $1.99 top-down adventure game is to "expore [sic] the forests collecting coins, killing monsters and talking to locals."

The company behind this game, Top Best Adult Entertainment notes that this is an "award winning game of 2011", but the folks at Touch Arcade's forums aren't too fond of the quality of this blatant clone (Real talk, how does this even pass Apple's approval process?).

In a forum thread calling Zanda "a fraud", a fellow named Squarezero comments, "We're not saying that this is a bad game; we're saying that it is no game at all, just assets from a GameSalad template. Anybody who posts here to say otherwise is a shill."