Reddit user mateo_36 posted the picture above over at Reddit (the full sized version can be found here). It's a thank you gift that his dad received, for being a faithful Nintendo employee of twenty years.

His father is Jerry Danson and his title is Senior Manager of Systems and Engineering. He primarily designs, builds, and operates the machines that produces the packaging for all their games, according to his son.

Needless to say, the rest of the Reddit community has been blown away by such news. A few favorite comments thus far:

"1 of 5 Bronze Marios found."

"So, did all your middle school friends actually believe the rumors you told them of new games / secret areas?"

"I'm sorry, but your retirement fund is in another castle!"

"Can he tell me why new Nintendo cartridge-based games smell so good when you open the box? Can he send me some of that stuff? I'd like to wear it."