Inspired by the ever-wonderful Video Game Name Generator, Jocchan's IGeNerator applies the formula to feature articles for gaming websites. The results may hit a little too close to home for some, but you'll probably end up getting a few good laughs out of it anyway.

Some titles like "Top Ten Best Castles In Video Games," and "Top Ten Worst Friends In Games," seem like all-too-real attempts at earning precious Reddit votes. Others, like "Top Ten Most Oscar-Worthy Loading Screens In Games," and "Top Ten Most Visceral Underwater Sections In Video Games," are a bit of a stretch, but could easily fill a slow news day. And "Should Shenmue Be Set In Space?" only deserves one reply: YES.

Also: "What Gears of War Could Learn From Star Tropics." The obvious answer: everything.

[via @werezompire]