Last we heard from the creator of Disaster Report and numerous other Irem classics, Kazuma Kujo was telling followers on Twitter that he was working on something that might contain elements of the game that was cancelled earlier this year, which most assumed was a result of the earthquake and tsunami that rocked Japan.

There's still no word on how that's coming along, but Kujo recently revealed what he originally had in mind for part 4, again on Twitter. The full rundown can be found over at Andriasang, but most of the highlights are governed by the fact that the latest installment would have been significantly different from previous entries.

Instead of dealing with a calamity right from the onset, mostly by trying to get away, Disaster Report 4 would have taken place a week after the fact and focused on coping with the aftermath. Whereas the first three games featured a partner that was in the same boat, the player would have instead encountered a variety of characters, each illustrating different examples of life moving forward, in light of tragedy.

The game would have also addressed social issues that also often come up after a large scale tragedy, like racism and ageism, another first for the series. All of which would driven home the message that the real challenges from a disaster often stem from picking up the pieces.

Though most surprising of all is the precise reason behind the cancellation: it was actually due to his team's inability to stick to their schedule. The real life disaster supposedly had nothing to do with it.

Meanwhile, we've detailed Hideo Kojima's penchant for revealing behind the scenes info via Twitter more than a few times already. His most revelation concerns a change made to Metal Gear Solid 2, due to the World Trade Center attacks on September 11, 2001. Specifically, as Kotaku explains, how Raiden's name was spelled in the Japanese version.

Originally in katakana, it was later written into kanji. This is due to the fact that the names Raiden and Bin Laden closely resemble each other, on paper at least. Other changes were made as well, but those are public knowledge at this point: there was a scene in which Raiden cuts down an American flag, and another in which Arsenal Gear crash lands in Manhattan.